Jackson Graham- Week 42

42 weeks old

Jackson is 42 weeks old today! This weekend we had a blackout happen, so we had an impromptu weekend with the Schmidts in New Jersey! While there, Jackson got to play in the pool. At first he was pretty skeptical of the water, but he warmed up to it quickly! The rest of this week have just been lots of adventures tagging along with Aly & Fynn. It’s been so nice having everyone home for the summer and plenty of time for play dates! Jackson is such a trooper, napping on the go and putting up with this 90-100 degree heat this week!


Jackson is down to two naps now. Both naps are pretty long if we’re at home, and if we’re out, he’ll just take a quick cat nap on me. He still sleeps 12 hours at night. Some mornings he wakes up early, but he never cries! He always waits patiently for me to come get him in the mornings! And what is crazy is that he can differentiate who can help him and not. If Aly and Fynn get up early, Jackson will just watch them get out of bed and leave the room without fussing once. But if they leave the door open and Jackson catches sight of Ron or I before we come get him, he will immediately start crying! He knows who he wants!!


Jackson is doing so much better in this area. He eats 3 meals a day now, and still nurses 4 times a day. Most meals are a mix of purees and baby led weaning. We usually have to give him his purees first, because once he sees table food, that is all he wants!


Jackson is now able to sit up without support (about 80% of the time), and he can swivel around and every now and then will scoot forward a couple of inches. These new developments all happened around the same time, and naturally right before his PT evaluation haha. So we are still waiting to get the results back from that to see if he will qualify for Early Intervention or not. We definitely still have a long ways to go to get J caught up in gross motor skills.

Jackson is very attached to his mama these days. He does not like for me to be out of sight, and if he is upset, only Mama can comfort him!

We always say that Jackson is such a “polite” baby because he will give us little “warning pants” whenever he starts to get upset. Basically it’s about a 5 second window for me to remedy the situation before he’ll start crying! I think we adults should adopt a similar thing ;)

Jackson is really starting to play a lot. He loves to play with Aly and Fynn, and they often fight over who can play with him (even though we constantly remind them that they both can!). They sure do love Jackson!


Height: 25 in.
Weight: 14.8 lbs
Clothing Size: 3-6 month clothes
Diaper Size: 2
Teeth: 0

With Jackson being so tiny, I feel like I’m getting extra “baby” time with him, and I love it!!

An evening with Jackson
Warning pants!
It was a group effort to keep Jackson calm before bedtime tonight!
Baby conversations!
Playing with Aly!