Jackson Graham- Week 41

41 weeks old

Jackson is 41 weeks old today!

This week our Ferryman journey came to an end, as the show closed on Sunday. Jackson was a part of 43 performances over the course of 11 weeks. Jackson had no problem falling into a different routine when at the theater, happy to stay up late or take a short nap there. He always loved going on stage, and towards the end, he would bounce and dance around with so much excitement just before heading on stage each time. Jackson quickly came to love everyone at the theater so much. Each and every single day we were at the theater, Jackson was always greeted with so much love, cheering, hugs, and kisses. He was very well loved by everyone! I know we will be in touch with our Ferryman family for years to come. This all has been a truly wonderful experience, one we will never forget! We are definitely sad that it is over, but it will be nice to have a less busy schedule back!

Aside from The Ferryman closing, we have started our first week of “normal” life again. This means Jackson is fully back on his “at-home” schedule, going to sleep at normal times. He’s mostly just been enjoying playing with his siblings and tagging along with whatever we’re up to!

This week we did have a babysitter for J (and siblings) for the first time in a loooong time for him. I guess we didn’t realize just how attached he has come to me lately, because Jackson cried on and off the entire three hours we were gone! Poor baby! We’re hoping to work on this separation anxiety before Ron and I go on vacation in October!

Final baby dance party!
Waiting in the wings during his final performance with The Ferryman
Hanging with stage mom Emily Bergl one last time!
Green Room fun!
Playground shenanigans!
Waving for the first time!