Jackson Graham- Week 40

40 weeks old

Jackson is 40 weeks old! This has been a huge week for Jackson developmentally! In a week’s time, he started swiveling on his tummy, scooting forward, and sitting up unassisted!! We are so happy to see his gross motor skills coming along! Of course all of this would happen the week that Jackson got evaluated for Early Intervention PT haha. So we’re still waiting to hear what will happen with that!

We also had Jackson’s 9 month check up on Monday, and for the first time perhaps ever, we got a good report on his weight! :D
He is 14 pounds on the dot. Even though he is still not on the charts, he finally started jumping back on his curve. Hopefully he’ll continue in this way too.

A part from that, he’s just been up to normal baby things, you know, work and what not ;)

Oh, and Jackson was featured in an article recently, which you can read here!

Scooting forward!!