Jackson Graham- Week 45

45 weeks old

Jackson is 45 weeks old today! I forgot to post last week, so this post has pictures and videos from the past two weeks! We finished up our time in Oklahoma, with lots of adventures and ending with a wedding! By the end of the trip, Jackson warmed up greatly to Gigi & Bop, even allowing them to babysit him with no fuss ;)
The travels home were smooth, Jackson is a pro at this point! And this past week back in New York has been a whirlwind.

I’ve spent most of my free time this week fighting battles with government agencies to get Jackson proper care and services. I am weary from it all, but I will not stop fighting until he gets the best care possible. Mami and Papi will always be your biggest advocates, J!

It feels like with babies, big developments always come in waves! And this week has been a big week for Jackson, or maybe I should say the last 24 hours! Today he learned how to creep forward on his tummy! This is HUGE for Jackson, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. He also learned how to drink water yesterday, also a great thing. And finally, today while we were playing at Chelsea Piers while Aly & Fynn were in their classes, I was showing Jackson how to shake his toy, and not only would he imitate me, but then he would place his hand (with the shaker in it) in my hand, to get me to help him do it again! It may seem small, but it’s perhaps the first time he has engaged one of us in play or help.

Overall, it’s been another great week with Mr. Jackson!

Jackson's old man laugh
Post dinner peek-a-boo
Such a sweet big brother
Doing big things!
Go Jackson go!!