Jackson Graham- Week 37

37 weeks old

Jackson is 37 weeks old today! His picture this week cracks me up because this is the exact way lays on the mat in the play, waiting to have pants put on him! Lol.

This week was a busy one! Over the weekend, The Ferryman won 4 Tony awards, including Best Play. It was all very exciting. Jackson and I went to the cast party, and then later in the week Jackson got to celebrate with the whole cast and even play with the Tonys! It has been such a surreal thing, being a part of this show! I can’t believe there’s only a few weeks left.

Another big thing this week, was that Papi was gone most of the week on a work trip. We missed him dearly, but boy was Jackson excited when he first saw him come home! He even let out several belly laughs which are incredibly rare!

We had another weight check appointment for Little J; he’s sticking true to his name, a whopping 13.5 pounds. He’s nowhere near being on the charts, but we sure are trying to get there! We’ve started trying to push solids a lot more, just trying to offer as many calorie-dense foods as we can. Right now, he really loves fig bars haha. I’m hoping once his weight catches up, we can try to push vegetables and what not a little more.

Jackson started “talking” this week! He is making a “ba ba ba” sound all the time. It is really sweet to hear his little voice!

We love you J Man!

Tummy time!
Sweet little giggles
Jackson playing with his Tonys
Bedtime fun
Jackson learned to say "ba ba ba"
Jackson learned to say "ba ba ba"