Jackson Graham- Week 36

36 weeks old

Jackson is 36 weeks old! This week we went on Jackson’s longest car trip yet, down to Maryland to visit Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie and meet cousin Lyra! Jackson did good overall with the car ride! Even though we have taken him on a 14 hour flight, I always find car rides to be worse haha. So I was grateful that Aly did an awesome job taking care of him in the back seat, and he did pretty good!

Apart from travel, Jackson has mostly spent his time at the theater! It’s hard to believe that we only have 4 more weeks with them! It’s been flying by. Jackson is quite the pro these days. We’re in a great rhythm, we have his nap and feedings down to create optimal stage-time happiness haha. And with teething in full effect, he has been pretty cranky with me. There have been some days, where he has been fussing, crying, and arching his back trying wriggle out of my arms in the dressing room, but the second his cue hits, and the actresses take him, he immediately calms down and is happy as a clam on stage. I joke that he must be a true actor, already learning to leave it all behind in the dressing room! ;)

We’ve officially given up on purees with Jackson; he wants nothing to do with them. He also now gets really upset if anyone eats something in front of him, but doesn’t share. The problem with that, is that once he has some of the table food, he then gets upset because he doesn’t know how to eat it! So mostly he just likes to munch on apples and bananas these days.

Lately, Jackson has been doing this thing where whenever someone smiles at him or talks to him, he flashes a shy smile, and then buries his head into the shoulder of whoever is holding him! It is pretty darn cute.

And finally some quick little stat updates:

Height: 24 in.
Weight: 14 lbs
Teeth: 0
Naps: 3
Size: 3-6 mo
Favorite Toy: carrot teether, and anything of Aly and Fynn’s

J makes us work for those giggles!
Happy place
Alligator bites!
Trying bananas for the first time!