Jackson Graham- Week 38

38 weeks old

Jackson is 38 weeks old today! This week Gigi & Bop came to visit and we had Aly’s dance recital. It was a busy weekend with lots of fun! Jackson got to enjoy his first restaurant outing (in a highchair) this weekend. He was loving it!

Speaking of eating, Jackson seems to be doing a lot better in this department. He is eating solids 2-3 times a day, and while a lot of it does end up on the ground, he’s also eating a lot too and learning how to chew and swallow!

And now a funny story, that I wish to remember…

Jackson has set the record for the worst poop experience out of the three kids, for sure.

One morning this week, while Ron and I were eating breakfast, Jackson was playing in his little exersaucer chair. He started grunting a little bit, and Ron commented that it sounded like he was pooping. A few minutes later, I looked over and Jackson was splashing in his own poop, that had now leaked all down his legs and pooled under his feet. I jumped up and scooped him up out of the chair and took him to his room to change him. This in and of itself was quite the feat, as every part of him was covered in poop. As soon as I got the diaper off, and I am attempting to clean him up, he starts pooping more!! Ron came in and together we got him in the bathtub, and got him hosed off and all clean. I then handed clean, toweled-up Jackson to Ron, so that I could clean up the changing table to finish getting him changed. While I was doing that, J pooped again in the towel Ron was holding him in!! So I got him on the changing table, and started cleaning him up again when he started shooting out more poop!! It literally shot out all over the changing table and onto to his crib, covering his sheets and wubbanubs in poo. Yikes!! I just could not get a diaper on him fast enough!! Finally, we got it all under control. Phew, what a morning!!

Finally, Jackson had his first evaluation today for Early Intervention. As many of you may know, he is pretty behind in gross motor skills, so he has been referred for Early Intervention, and we are hoping that if he qualifies, he can start physical therapy this summer. We are waiting for another evaluation to be done next week, and then we will know if he qualifies or not!