Jackson Graham- Week 32

32 weeks old

Jackson is 32 weeks old today! Another busy week come and gone!

Jackson spends most of his time tagging along with the Big Kids and going to work (LOL). He is easy going and happy with whatever the days hold for him! This week Jackson also got to meet Grandpa for the first time!


Oh boy, this was a rough week of sleep. I’m not sure what happened, but there were three nights in a row where Jackson woke up around midnight and would only sleep if he was in my arms. Phew, that was exhausting…but also really sweet. Thankfully though, last night was much better, and I even had to wake him at 8am this morning! During those few days, he also was napping so poorly. Yesterday he took five 20 minute naps. Again, thank goodness today was back to our usual good naps! Sleep begets sleep…I’ll never understand it, yet it’s so true!


After Jackson turned 6 months old, we started feeding him solids, and a couple of weeks in, we were even up to feeding him twice a day. Then he got a little cold and started vomiting any time I tried to feed him. So we slowed way down on solids. This week I’ve tried to get back at it with him, but he is still not happy about it. He will either flat out refuse the food, or if he does eat it, he’ll eat a few bites before gagging and vomiting all of it and his milk up. Sign. It’s tough because we need him to gain weight. Hopefully he’ll come back around to it soon.


Jackson is so much fun these days. He has started to mimic us a little bit, particularly when we stick our tongues out. One time this week, he accidentally covered his face with his costume and then pulled it down, initiating peek-a-boo himself, and he just loved it. He continued to do it several times, grinning the entire time! Jackson is getting much better at sitting up. He can steady himself to the front now, but still needs back support. He is definitely starting to enjoy playing in that position! Jackson is also starting to show excitement when he sees people. He smiles so big and just starts kicking his legs like crazy. One night after a show, he hadn’t seen Ron all day, and the second he saw him, he let out a squeal of delight and wouldn’t stop kicking and bobbing around until Ron was holding him! It was so precious.

Love you, Little J!

Mimicking Momma! �