Jackson Graham- Week 31

31 weeks old

Jackson is 31 weeks old today! I have a feeling these posts are going to be pretty short these next couple of months, but still a nice place for me to drop some photos from the week! :)

It’s been another whirlwind of a week with Jackson working now (lol!). He had his first Broadway debut on Sunday, then on Tuesday, the play was nominated for 9 Tony awards! It has been such an exciting week around the theater! Whoopi Goldberg even saw the show when J was in it on Tuesday! How cool!

Anyhoo, in more normal baby news, Jackson is almost rid of his little cough. I’m hoping that once all of this little cold is gone, he will go back to eating sold foods, because right now he is on a strike. He wants nothing to do with solids and will gag until he makes himself vomit at just the sight of a spoon. I keep telling him we do not have any ounces to spare, but he doesn’t seem to get the memo ;) So we’ve taken a little break for now!

Jackson had a weight check today, and he weighs 13 lbs 2 oz. He’s still not on the charts yet, but slowly but surely, he is growing! We love our little nugget!

We’re starting to see some real progress with Jackson’s development. He is reaching for toys, faces, and everything around him. He is tolerating the sitting position. And just tonight at the theater he was trying to play peek-a-boo with his costume!

Love you Little J!

Jackson hanging out in the green room during work!