Jackson Graham- Week 34

34 weeks old

Jackson is 34 weeks old today! I’ve been slacking because I missed last week’s post! Between all of J’s shows, family visiting, and the 5k, we were busy! These past two weeks have been full but oh so fun!

Jackson has been with The Ferryman for a month, as of tomorrow! It has been such a fun experience, and we are still loving every minute of it. I saw the show a couple of weeks back, and Ron saw him in tonight! It’s an amazing show, and it is always so surreal to see our son on stage haha. And Jackson loves it all, everyone has quickly become like family; everyone just loves on him and plays with him nonstop when he’s at the theater! Not a bad gig!

Last weekend we ran a 5k to raise money for Star Legacy Foundation, in honor of Roman. That was a very special day for us, and we were so happy to have Jackson there participating with us! I ran while pushing both boys in the stroller. After mile 2, Jackson was crying a lot, just wanting to be out of the stroller and to sleep on me. For a split second, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t finish the race running, but then I stopped in that moment and was just so so grateful to have J here, to not be able to finish a race because my baby needs me. It was a sweet moment, and we are constantly so grateful for his life!

Jackson has learned how to bang toys around. He loves to just slam things onto the table while we all eat dinner. Sweet music to our ears ;)

J is continuing to work on sitting up, and just today he started pushing himself backwards a little bit! Hooray!

This week Jackson has started to have a little bit of separation anxiety. He doesn’t particularly care who it is that’s with them, as long as someone is haha. He just does not want to be left alone!

J is still struggling with foods these days. He seems to be interested in eating (getting upset when he sees others eating in front of him), but then cries or refuses most foods—purees or table food.

Overall, it’s been another wonderful two weeks with this little guy! Love you, J!

A typical evening with Jackson
Wakanda forever.
Jackson learned how to bang on things!
Workin baby!
My coworkers are the best!
Baby giggles!