Jackson Graham- Week 35

35 weeks old

Jackson is 35 weeks old today!

Jackson is now 8 months old and about 14 lbs. He’s still such a little nugget, and I do secretly love that he still very much feels like a baby haha.

It’s starting to feel like summer, and we're spending a lot of time outdoors. Jackson loves to hang out on a picnic blanket and play with toys while he watches his brother and sister. We spent Memorial Day weekend in Cold Spring and New Jersey. It was a fun and busy weekend!

I think we worked out Jackson’s middle of the night wakings thankfully! So we are back to sleeping all night, woohoo! Also, Jackson has started to wake up happy and calm. Instead of crying for us to come get him, he is content to just play in his crib for a bit!

Jackson has really started laughing this week! I love hearing his little squeals and giggles!

This week, Jackson and his other baby co-stars were on the local news. You can check out the interview here!

Also, this week Jackson met John Lithgow whose play shares an alley with us. He was very kind to us, and referred to Jackson as “the little star of the show!”…sadly I was in such a hurry/running late that I didn’t even stop to register who it even was that had talked to us until hours later haha.

Finally, we officially filed the paperwork to begin Early Intervention with Jackson. So hopefully soon, someone will come in to evaluate him and see if he qualifies. If so, he will then begin therapy sometime this summer. This is something we feel really good about. I know that Jackson is doing good, and that God has perfectly created him to be exactly who he is. And if he needs a little extra help to reach some milestones and get moving, then we are happy and grateful to be able to get him the help he needs.

We love Jackson so much, he’s a pretty awesome little guy!!

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