Jackson Graham- Week 28

27 weeks

Jackson is 28 weeks old today! It has been a very busy and exciting week for Mr. Jackson! But that is news worthy of it’s own blog post…so stayed tuned for that ;)

In regular news, Jackson is doing well with solids, some days he will even eat twice a day. He will usually only eat if he is sitting in my lap though haha. I have quickly learned that I need to completely strip him down, and we both end up covered in baby food every time!

Jackson has been waking up a bit earlier these days and consequently waking Fynn up. I’m hoping it’s a phase and we get back to our later mornings!

We’re working diligently with Jackson to help him learn to roll and sit up. He is not a fan!

It’s been another wonderful week with our sweet boy! We love you so much Jackson!

Practicing sitting up!