Jackson Graham- Week 29

29 weeks old

Jackson is 29 weeks old today! This week was filled with a couple of fun play dates and lots of outdoor time! We are so happy Spring is here!


Jackson is doing pretty good in the sleep department overall. He is still waking a bit on the early side most mornings, but it could be far worse! He takes two long naps and a catnap in the evening! He loves his pacifier and is capable of putting it in his mouth, but will rarely use it when sleeping!


Jackson is still going strong with breastfeeding. He nurses 5 times a day. We’re up to feeding Jackson solids twice a day now. It has been so different this time around not doing Baby Led Weaning! But it’s been good too. Jackson likes everything he’s tried so far, and I’m becoming quite the pro at making batches of baby food!


Wow, we have seen Jackson change a lot this week. He is really grabbing for toys now, and overall he is more interested in what’s going on around him! It is no longer safe to have him on my lap while eating a bowl of cereal! He is also getting more comfortable when we place him in the sitting position. We are so grateful for each little way we see Jackson growing and developing. We know he still has a lot to work on to catch up, but he’s on his own timeline and he’s making strides!

We love you, Bubba!