Jackson Graham- Week 18

18 weeks old

Jackson is 18 weeks old today! I can definitely attest to Mom Brain, because I am currently struggling to remember what has even happened this past week!!

Oh! Jackson started laughing this week, or at least trying to! It is so so precious. I love little baby laughs!

We are still wading through tough times in this department haha. As of yesterday, we started putting him down with both arms out of the swaddle. It’s not been great lol. He’s definitely in a tricky stage, where he wants something to soothe him to sleep, but doesn’t have control over his hands/fingers, and then loses the pacifier so quickly if we give it to him. So we’re just trekking through and trusting that it will get better in a couple of weeks. Also, he has officially dropped his last catnap of the day, and now takes 3 naps!

Jackson has had cradle cap since he was born, but it had been getting progressively worse. We were trying everything to alleviate it, but then over the weekend it started oozing (!!). The doctor had us put some bacitracin on it, and within two days, it was all completely gone! Amazing!

Jackson has always had significantly less hair than his siblings, but it seems that he is actually now losing hair. He certainly seemed to have more hair 3 weeks ago haha. We often talk about how “bald” he is for an Arevalo baby ;)

2018 seemed to be The Year of the Babies. I think I have about 15 friends who had babies last year, and that is not including all of my OK friends who also had babies too! I love that Jackson has so many built in playmates already, especially two little boys who live in our buildings, and they are all within 1.5 months of each other! I see sweet friendships in the future! :D

More laughs!