Jackson Graham- Week 19

19 weeks old

Jackson is 19 weeks old today!

We had a couple of really warm days this week, so it was nice to get outside with Jackson and the Bigs. He loved watching all of the kids running around at the playground.

Jackson is so expressive these days, he makes such fun faces for us. He still hasn’t quite worked out laughing yet, but he wants to bad! In the meantime, he smiles nonstop!


Jackson is officially out of the swaddle this week! He is doing much better with sleep. Today, he actually took some decent naps. He loves to move all around in his crib and bassinet, and he often will wriggle his way around until he finds his paci.


Jackson still eats every 3-3.5 hours, and I have been supplementing with some expressed milk at bedtime, hoping to help bump up his weight!


All of our children have been very calm, chill babies, but if possible, Jackson may be the most. He is incredibly flexible and easy going. He rarely fusses, and if he does, he’s happy as soon as you pick him up. Most mornings, Jackson wakes up around 8am, and he is so happy and patient to wait to be fed. Ron will come say good morning and Jackson will coo, smile, and kick away waiting patiently for me to come get him up! I love this sweet boy!!

Jackson was not amused by Papi's antics �
Sweet dreams!