Jackson Graham- Week 17

17 weeks old

Jackson is 17 weeks old today! He had his 4 month check up today (how has it already been 4 months?!), and he is a whopping 11 lbs 1 oz. He is in the 1% for height, weight, and head, so he’s a very proportional baby haha. I think he has got to be the chubbiest little 11 lb baby!


Man oh man, we’ve had a rough week. Jackson has been breaking out of the swaddle every nap and bedtime, yet he can’t sleep if his arms out. So we’re trying to wean him from the swaddle, but it’s proving quite difficult. I just have to remind myself that it is a very short season, and he’ll be back to napping good soon enough.
At night, he does better with his arms, but he is a little machine, waking every night at 3 to cry for 1 minute, and then again at 5:30 for his paci haha.


This week Jackson dropped his 5am feeding! Woohoo! So now he has his dreamfeed at 10:30 when we go to bed, and then doesn’t eat again until 8am! He has been my easiest nighttime baby for sure! I’m loving it :)


Ron and I can not get enough of this little guy. We must say, “He is just the cutest baby!” at least 57 times a day. Every little sound or smile or movement he makes, we just fawn over him. He truly is such a joy. Last weekend, he may or may not have attempted his first laugh (see below!), and it was the most precious thing. He loves to coo and “talk” constantly. And he also still has a resting scowl face LOL. We affectionately refer to him as our Scowly Baby. One day this weekend, a random lady in the elevator commented to her daughter, “that baby is glaring at me!”

Jackson is such a fun, easy going baby! We love you, Jackson!

Perhaps a laugh?
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