Jackson Graham- Week 16

16 weeks old!

Jackson is 16 weeks old today! This weekend we visited some of our best friends, the Schmidts in Jersey. So now Jackson can add New Jersey to places he’s been ;) I can’t wait to see Jackson and Malachi grow up together!

As you can tell in photos, Jackson is turning into a teeny tiny little butter ball, and I love it so much! He is just the cutest little thing. He smiles constantly and coos all day long. This is one of my favorite stages with babies!


Things have gotten a bit difficult this week—Jackson is breaking out of the swaddle every nap, yet he can’t sleep if his arms are out. I remember going through this phase with Aly & Fynn, so I’m sure he’ll figure it out soon, but we’re a little tired this week! The last couple of days we have started to put him down for a couple of naps with one arm out, hopefully we can wean completely from the swaddle soon!


I feel like either Jackson is going through a growth spurt, or my supply has dipped, but either way I’m struggling to keep up with Jackson’s appetite. I’ve been supplementing in the evenings with expressed milk again, but I’m praying we can get back to our normal rhythms again soon!


With Jackson being a preemie, he has been taking his sweet time with a lot of things. But when it comes to physical activities, Jackson is such a champ. He started rolling when he was a month old, and now it looks like it won’t be long before he’s rolling back to front. He has been trying so hard this week (another reason to wean from the swaddle!)

It’s been another great week at home with Papi, and I know that Jackson will be so sad when he has to go back to work on Monday!

We love this little boy so so much!