Jackson Graham- Week 6

6 weeks old!

Jackson is 6 weeks old today! This week, he got a lot of extra Mami attention while Papi & Fynn were in California and Aly was at school. I loved all the extra snuggles!

Jackson is still a very easy going baby, he is happy and content as can be 95% of the time. (The other 5% would be diaper changes and baths. Jackson HATES baths with a passion.)


Jackson is pretty consistently making one 4 hour stretch at night—I’ll take it!


His sleep seemed better this week. At bedtime, he makes it in his bassinet the entire time now, and usually only has one stretch in the night where he needs to be held. And I so cherish that hour snuggle time at 1:30am! :D Also, now that he has more awake time these days, we are able to work on him putting him down awake and letting him put himself to sleep; he’s doing so great at it!


Currently, Jackson mostly just enjoys furrowing his brow at everything. ;)

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