Jackson Graham- Week 7

7 Weeks Old

Jackson is 7 weeks old today! It has officially turned cold here in New York City, so that means that Jackson has spent much of the week as a cute little baby bear!
It’s funny, because I remember when we had Aly, and I would be near tears every Monday night that Ron had to go to class, “Don’t leave me alone with the baby!” It seemed so hard the first time around! And now, it’s such a breeze haha. He is the easy one of the kids right now! ;) And we are certainly trying to take advantage of how portable and easy Jackson is right now! This week he tagged along on Aly’s field trip as well as went to his first movie (which he slept peacefully through the entire time!).

About a week ago, Liz came and met Jackson and photographed him and our family. Liz is such a dear friend to me. She now lives in Miami, but she always makes time to see me when she’s here! It’s also so special because she has been photographing our family since I was pregnant with Aly!

So here are the newborn photos Liz took for our family! We just love how they turned out!

We are all so smitten with this little boy! He keeps me up a lot at night, but every lost second of sleep is well worth it!

Finally, here are a few videos. Today, out of nowhere Jackson started rolling over. He did it several times, so I don’t feel like it was a fluke, but maybe? It seems so young haha, he doesn’t even know how to smile yet! #JacksonScowls

Such a great big sister!
Tummy Time Champ!
A rolling machine!