Jackson Graham- Week 8

8 weeks old

Jackson is 8 weeks old today! This week Jackson saw the Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular and the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. He doesn’t even know how lucky he is haha!

Yesterday Jackson had his 2 month check up a little early. It’s hard to hear their little cries when they get shots, but he did well. Jackson now weighs 8 lbs 1 oz and is 20 inches long, and is developing really well.


Jackson has been napping a lot better this week; I almost always end up waking him up to eat. The evenings have been his fussiest time. From 8-10:30pm, he is only content if he’s being held. (which is tricky right now while we are having issues with the Bigs at bedtime!) Then at night, it has been pretty much the same, 3 hour stretches. BUT last night was so great. We put him down at 7:30 like usual and he slept so sound, dreamfed at 10:30 and kept sleeping in his bassinet all the way until 3am! Oh that 4 hour stretch of sleep I got was so glorious haha. It was probably just a side effect from the shots, but I’ll take it!


Jackson is gaining weight, but not as quickly as he needs to. So to be extra cautious, we’ve had to start supplementing with pumped milk again.


Jackson is super strong and loves to do tummy time, holding his head up so well. And just yesterday, he smiled for the first time!! Fynn was the one to get him to smile first! We are so happy to see this stage!