Jackson Graham- Week 5

Week 5

Jackson is 5 weeks old today! On Saturday he turned one month old, and on Monday we hit his actual due date! :)

We are starting to get into more regular rhythms with Jackson, well, as regular as things can be for a baby with two older siblings around! Sometimes he takes one nap in three different places (arms, car seat, crib!). He is pretty good natured and just goes with the flow of the day!


Jackson is doing great off of the bottle! Today he weighed 7 lbs 6 oz! Our little big man! :)
He has started to do a couple of 4 hour stretches at night (though not sleeping 4 hours in between, ha).


Jackson is still pretty fussy throughout the whole night. He has gotten to where he’ll do a couple hour and a half stretches at a time in the bassinet. Sooo I guess that’s progress? Mami is quickly adjusting to the new amount of sleep, I’m getting ;)


We started doing tummy time with him this week, and Aly and Fynn love to do this with him! They cheer him on and get so excited when he lifts his head up to see them. Jackson also loves to sit in the bouncer while Aly & Fynn read to him and sing to him.

Apparently I took an abundance of photos this week!

Sleepy smiles
Two big helpers with Jackson ☺️