Jackson Graham- Week 4

Jackson is 4 weeks old today! I have affectionately referred to these past 4 weeks as “bonus month” with this little guy. We’ve gotten to have almost a whole extra month with an extra sleepy little newborn.

Well, this week, Jackson officially woke up. LOL. It’s a good thing, because it means he’s growing and getting bigger and able to express his needs now. But now that means we went from having a baby who slept peacefully 23 hours of the day, to one who has opinions and can tell us when he’s unhappy! We’re tired for sure, but loving the new phase all the same!


We made it! We are officially done with bottles and completely breastfeeding! What a journey, but we did it! So thankful for this!


I think I jinxed myself. On Monday, I asked the pediatrician if I could stop waking Jackson every 3 hours to eat at night…now what I wouldn’t give to have a three hour stretch!! These last few nights have been rough. He cries most of the night if he’s in the bassinet, only content if he’s held. However, he is still doing well with naps in the bassinet!


Yay, Jackson is finally awake! :) He now has about 2-3 wake periods of about 30-45 minutes. We are loving seeing his sweet eyes and how he is starting to respond to our voices!

He's awake!
And now asleep!
Baby sneezes!