June 2017 Update

June has been such a fun month!  I love the summertime, especially here in New York City!  There is always an endless supply of fun things to do.  We started off the month by taking a family trip to DC to visit Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie.  It had been almost 3 years since we last visited, so we were certainly overdue! Car rides can always be a little tricky since the kids are barely ever in car seats, but they did pretty good overall!  We spent Saturday morning sight seeing in DC. Then we went back to their apartment and swam in the pool and hung out.  Aly likes their new dog (from afar), and Fynn is positively terrified of him haha.  The next day, we all went to to the Baltimore Harbor and visited the aquarium there.  It was so fun!  It was a quick, but very fun trip!  
Now that it is summer time, we've had lots of fun outings with the kids.  We've gone to Brooklyn Bridge Park, AMNH splash pad, Rockaway Beach, and the Central Park Zoo.  We've been busy haha!  
We finished up this month with our gender reveal party last weekend.  It was a low key picnic in Central Park with friends and family; it was perfect.  We are so excited to meet Roman Xavi in December! :)


-Aly loves Papi soooo much.  Every morning she wakes up and the first thing she asks is if he is staying home today or not.  If he's going to work, she immediately gets out of bed and goes to the table to draw him a picture to take to work with him.  

-One day Aly told me about the castle she wants to live in.  It has a moat and a beach inside it.  You can swim there and leaves fall on you.  There's also a pink door to the castle.  And there are no neighbors, so you can hop and run inside. 

-This month, Aly started to learn how to read.  It's amazing how fast she is picking it up.  I've been introducing sight words to her each week, and along with that, we practice sounding out words as we read books together.  She never ceases to amaze me.  Such a smart little girl! 

-One thing I love about Alynne is how well she loves Fynn.  Right now, she is trying to teach him all sorts of things.  I've been working on the first 5 letters of the alphabet with him, and one day Aly told me that at night time she teaches him all the letters.  Sure enough, every night, you can hear Aly saying, "Fynn, say 'A'! say 'B'"...all the way through Z.

-Alynne has always been Miss Independent.  Her latest streak of independence has been that she likes to put herself down for naps! Lol

-This week Aly had her first soccer class!  We have a couple of free classes, so we decided to let her try it out.  She absolutely loved it!  Especially because it means she can be like Papi ;)


-Fynn has the most adorable little "no!" He wags his finger in the air when he says it too.  It's my favorite haha. 

-Another favorite, Fynn calls Papi, Pai!

-I think Fynn officially has a favorite color, blue.  He has quickly learned to say and identify that color.  I do think he knows some other colors, but for the most part, if you ask him what color something is, he will answer 'blue' regardless! 

-Since blue is his favorite color, Fynn loves to hide the blue fish in a special spot under the couch where no one else can find it! 

-And one more blue story haha.  Fynn said his first 2 word combo this week--blue boat!

-Fynn's favorite thing to play right now is with the kitchen.  He loves to pretend to make things and feed them to us.  He also still loves to play with all of his cars and trucks.  It's my favorite how little boys always get down at eye level when they play with them haha! 

-Mostly, Fynn loves to be with Aly.  Anything she is doing, he tries to do to.  He can't stand to go to sleep without her, and loves to cuddle her almost as much as Mama.  

Aly conquered her fears and went down the big brown slide!
Latest obsession: jumping jacks
Fun in DC with Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie!
The start of learning to read--first sight word
Sweet moments together
Fynn has learned his favorite color!
Sentence structure practicing
Oh look a grape!
Quack quack
Summer mood.
Best friends in a band
Learning to read
Fynn's just laughing
Teaching Fynn
Summer in the Square
Fynn's first prayers
It's a......
First soccer class!