April 2017 Update

This month we started out in our new apartment!  We have been loving our new space so much!  It’s been such nice weather to explore the neighborhood too.  

A few days after we moved we found out we are pregnant!  You can read about the details on this blog post.  In a nutshell though, we are super excited for Arevalo Baby #3 to be joining our family early December! 

Another big thing happened this month as well—we are officially debt free!! Woohoo! We have worked so diligently these last 5 years to get to this point, so it feels so good to be done with student loans!  Hooray!  

Here are a few updates on the kids:

Alynne Tiffany

I love all of the funny little things she says these days.  I tried to write more of them down this month; here’s a few:

-My back is killllllling meeee

-I just need to read the constructions first (instructions)

-Papi, does your hair do the circles?  (referring to his hair being curly)

-Let’s all drink together!  (she loves having everyone take a drink of water at the same time at dinner time, Fynn too!)

Aly is obsessed with her 5th birthday.  She has it all planned out, and every time she talks about wanting something or wanting to do something, it’s to happen when she turns 5.  (like getting a pink camera.)  What about 4, Aly?! We can’t justbe skip years!! 

Aly got her official pre-k placement letter this month!  She will be attending PS 51 Elias Howe, which is right next door to our apartment!  She is super excited, and we’ve already met a couple of people in the building with kids going to attend there too! 

Fynnlan Seeley

This month Fynn really took off with his speech!  Up until this point, he really didn’t have any words, but now he can say several things:  please, help. bye-bye, boo, more, taco, cleanup, no, Aly, Papi, and Mama.

We had his 18 month check up this month and he now weighs 22.5 pounds (10th %), and 18.5 in (5%).  He’s still a peanut, but we are so happy to see him on the charts! Woohoo!!

Fynn has pretty much stopped biting, and is overall learning to be more gentle, especially with Aly.  He is quick to say sorry (by giving hugs).  Though, now when he knows he’s done something wrong, he quickly tries to “hide” from me! 

Fynn is still such a great eater.  He eats really well, isn’t very picky, and eats nonstop haha.  About the only thing he doesn’t like is pasta.  

Fynn’s favorite thing to play with right now is the blue baby doll.  He carries it with him everywhere and gets quite upset if anyone else tries to touch it or play with it! 

One of my favorite things about Fynn is how snuggly he is still.  I am constantly amazed that my big ol’ 1.5 year old full of energy little boy, still LOVES to crawl into my lap and just cuddle with me.  He does this all day long to both Ron and I.  It is the best feeing!  

Exploring the Piers
First word!
More words! #taco
Aly's prayer for the new baby
Easter service!
Hudson River Park Piers
Aly at age 3 telling the story of the crucifixion
Love his little voice!
Learning words
Two peas in a pod
"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said." -Matt 28:6
Aly decided to do a little impromptu ballet dance at church!
😳 another new word 🙈
Making Fynn laugh
Train crash!
Courtyard fun
Aly is this silliest