Fynnlan Seeley- 48 Weeks

48 weeks old

Fynnlan is 48 weeks old and 11 months old today! How are we a month away from ONE?! I just can't believe it! This week Fynn took his first steps!  One day, he started letting go of furniture and standing on his own for the first time.  Then, that night as we were encouraging him to do that more, he took a few steps between Ron and I!  It was so special that we were both there to witness it!  

Also this weekend, Fynn had his second trip to the ER, ugh.  I was just sitting on the ground rolling a ball back and forth with Fynn, and he dove after the ball at one point and face planted on the hardwood floor.  When I picked him up, I knew it wasn't a typical fall, he was wailing so bad and there was blood everywhere.  I am so thankful for our pediatrician who responded so quickly to me, because I was definitely panicking haha.  So we went straight to the ER, fully expecting he was going to need stitches.  Fynn was such a champ through it all, smiling and giggling as the doctors checked him, while blood was coming out of his mouth! Thankfully, the cut just missed a main vessel, so the doctors opted not to do stitches!! Phew.  Then a couple days later, Fynn fell on a pile of blocks and ended up with a nice bruise on his cheek. Is this what life with boys is to be?!

We've had a fun week with Fynn overall, I feel like I've been trying to soak up him being a "baby" lately.  I see him getting so big already, and I just want to cherish every moment!  Like Tuesday after BSF when he fell asleep on me, man those are the sweetest moments!! I could stare at him forever.  And Papi has enjoyed some extra one-on-one time now that Sister has ballet class! 

We love our little man!!

Tot School!
Another day with Fynnlan.