Fynnlan Seeley- 47 Weeks

47 weeks old

Fynnlan is 47 weeks old today! We spent a lot of this week at the playground, enjoying the nice weather!  This weekend we also dedicated Fynn!  It is such a joy to be Fynn's parents, and we were so happy to stand before our church and commit to raise and instruct our son in the way of the Lord. Such a special day for us!  

This week Fynn learned a couple new things--first, he learned how to climb on top of the entertainment center.  We finally got the cords all sealed off from under the table, and of course, now he has moved on to bigger and better things.  Every time we try to stop him or get him down, he bursts into giggles.  How will I ever be able to discipline this sweet boy?!
Fynn also learned how to shake his head no.  It is just the cutest thing. 

Fynn currently has one top tooth that has broken through, and three more making their way out.  

He loves to wrestle and climb over anyone on the ground, usually Papi.  

Fynn is quite the instigator.  He loves to chatter with Aly at bedtime, which usually results in her getting in trouble. He also loves to antagonize her when she is playing.

Some quick favorites:
Book: Buenas Noches Gorila.
Song: Open, Shut Them
Toy: the little blue chair haha
Food: Anything really, except avocado

Not much else is new with this little man, just getting entirely too close to a year!! That's okay though, I am so incredibly thankful that he still loves to curl up in my lap and snuggle! :D



At this point, walking would just slow him down
Fynn learned something new!
Just some light reading