Fynnlan Seeley- 44 Weeks

44 weeks old

Fynnlan is 44 weeks old and 10 months old now! We had another fun week.  This weekend we took a day trip up to Bear Mountain to camp and swim at the lake!  To be honest, I had my reservations about the trip because I imagined myself trying to keep from eating sticks and wrestling him all day haha.  But to our great surprise, Fynn was a breeze!  We left that day in awe of how smooth and relaxing the entire day was! Praise God!  

Fynn's personality is coming out even more, particularly when he is angry haha!  He has started to get mad about things, like when Aly tries to take a toy from him, or if he can't get a particular toy he's trying to reach, or if his chair gets stuck!  

Speaking of chairs, Fynn's absolute favorite thing right now is our little blue chairs.  He loves to use them to scoot all over the entire apartment, and he's quite fast haha.  He does get frustrated though when he gets stuck on the rug! 

Fynn also realllllly loves water now.  He loves to drink his water bottle and anyone else's water that happens to be laying around. 

Fynn is an incredibly friendly baby.  He waves (throws one arm up and leaves it there) and smiles at everyone, and he often reaches out to others to be held.  He also gets very excited when Papi comes home now and loves to greet him.

Yesterday we went to something called Preschool Play down in Battery Park.  I was a little taken back when I realized that Fynn was actually able to participate! It is getting so fun that he's getting to an age where he can play and engage!

Finally, Fynn is getting his top two teeth! One has cut through the surface barely and the other is about to.  

Swinging and giggles
Scaling the wall and babbling mama