Fynnlan Seeley- 43 Weeks

43 weeks old

Fynnlan is 43 weeks old today. I almost forgot to take his picture today, so we had to sneak one in right before bedtime! This week was a busy one for us!  We traveled to Pennsylvania for Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie's wedding! Fynn was so good the whole weekend.  He napped well in the car rides there and back, and he just rolled with everything, getting very little naps in.  He probably ate half a canister of puffs this weekend, but we did survive all the car seat business which our little city baby of course hates!
Fynn was one of the ring bearers and they were pulled in a little wagon down the aisle. I thought I would have to worry about him trying to climb out or get fussy, but he was so incredibly chill and did a perfect job!  He was actually weirdly calm through the entire wedding, despite it being well past nap time.  What a blessing! 

Fynn got to see lots of friends and family this weekend too, which is always so fun!  Every time people see him, he has changed so much! 

Ron was sick this weekend and consequently got us all sick too.  Fortunately the kids didn't get it too bad, and it's just a cold.  But the first night home, Fynn was up for about 5 hours of the night!  Yikes!

I've noticed that Fynn has started to play with his toys more, rather than simply putting everything straight to the mouth haha.  He is learning to bang toys together and imitate us.  Ron taught him how to play the drum! 

Oh and Fynn learned how to clap this week!! It is precious, and I'm still trying to catch it on video. 

One thing we have to start working on with Fynn, is sharing Mami haha.  Whenever I am holding Aly or playing with her, he drops whatever he's doing and scurries over to us and wedges himself right between us, buries into me and then gives me this cheeky little smile! He can't stand for someone else to be getting cuddles without him!! 

Slowly losing his thumb 💕
Drumming with Papi