Fynnlan Seeley- 23 Weeks

23 weeks old

Fynnlan is 23 weeks old today!  Fynn's fever went away, and his hives are very slowly leaving as well.  Hopefully those will be completely gone soon! We enjoyed a restful weekend with friends and are getting back to a routine of things during our week!


Fynn is probably getting close to moving to a 4 hour schedule.  He often goes 4 hours in the morning and afternoon, but I don't push it in the evenings, he's already a bit cranky then ;)
I realized the other night that Fynn barely even eats at his dreamfeed.  But to be honest, I'm so not ready to drop that feeding.  It is just the sweetest time. I love getting him out of his bed while he's still sleeping and just cuddling him for 20 minutes, watching him sleep so peacefully. (but then back to bed, so Mami can get some sleep too! hehe).


This week, night time sleep has gotten even more amazing.  I don't think he's even stirring mid-morning any more! And Aly has been having good nights too...I must say it, it is so nice to be woken up by my alarm and not either child! haha.  
During the day, Fynn has been napping a ton.  Like 2-2.5 hour naps.  I think it's because he's been a little sick though.  So we'll see how things are next week.


With Fynn being a little sick, he has barely been able to stay awake an hour at a time this week!  So crazy! I'm happy he's getting plenty of rest though.  And a sick baby who just wants extra sleep is pretty easy to manage!! 
We had a break through this week.  Fynn may like books now!!! I think this is the first time he has allowed me to read multiple books to him with crying and trying to wriggle away, hahaha.  And, get this, he even laughed at our Curious George book.  We just might have a reader after all.
Toes and fingers are still just as delicious as ever.  He is constantly chewing on them.  We can see his teeth outlines, so perhaps he's starting to teeth! Aly got her teeth late, so we'll see what happens with this guy!