Fynnlan Seeley- 14 Weeks

14 Weeks Old

Fynnlan is 14 weeks old today! This week was pretty uneventful.  We've been enjoying some warmer weather and being able to get out and about easier! Oh and today we took a trip down to Brookfield Place to have lunch with Papi at his new office! Fynn was definitely showing off, smiling and laughing the entire time! What a little charmer! 


He still eats every 3 hours, and can a bit longer if needs to.  He still eats twice at night.  I think we're going to start pushing him to just do one feeding soon.


At this point, we are pretty used to functioning on such little sleep.  It's amazing how I can function only getting a few hours sleep at a time, and for a few months now! I suppose, at least he doesn't wake up apart from eating at night now.  He definitely has improved, and that's what I keep reminding myself!  That, and he's only 14 weeks old haha.


Fynn is very vocal these days, talking up a storm.  He has started to really stretch and try to roll from back to stomach.  He loves when we sing to him, but isn't really a fan of books! Hopefully he grows into that!