Fynnlan Seeley- 15 Weeks

15 weeks old

Fynnlan is 15 weeks old today! He is such a joy to be around! We thank God every day for him.  We love being his Mami and Papi, and I can't imagine our family without him!  


Fynn eats every 3 hours during the day, and he has officially dropped down to one feeding at night, hooray! Fynn has also had a bit of trouble taking a bottle this week.  He's only had it a few times in his life, so I'm sure he's just not used to it! 


Just when we start to get the whole only waking once at night thing down, he starts breaking out of the swaddle! Ugh! The past two nights, we've been up from 2-4am because he breaks free from the swaddle and then gets worked up and doesn't settle back down easy. So this morning we started the process of weaning him from it (this momma needs sleep!!).  He has done great having one arm out today! He only woke mid-nap once and had to be completely swaddled for the remainder.  We'll see how the night goes haha.  It's always something, am I right?!


Fynnlan loves to be sung to.  His current favorite song is "open shut them." He grins the entire time you sing!  Aly loves to help me sing to him! Fynn is also getting very close to rolling from back to tummy.  He gets everything but the head over haha.  Another reason it's time to wean the swaddle!! Oh and as always, Fynn is ultra-ticklish.  I've posted a video =]


Here's our current schedule more or less:

8:00am feeding
9:15am nap
11:00am feeding
12:15pm nap
2:00pm feeding
3:15pm nap
5:00pm feeding
6:15pm catnap
8:00pm bedtime feeding
11:00pm dreamfeed
3:30am feeding