Fynnlan Seeley- 49 Weeks

49 weeks old

Fynnlan is 49 weeks old as of yesterday! I almost made it the whole year without posting late haha.

This weekend Uncle Jason and Aunt Lexxie came to visit!  They joined us on our annual "apple" picking trip, though the crop was so small, we never made into the apple orchard part of the farm haha.  It was still a great trip, and we got enjoy lots of yummy food (apple cider donuts!!), and play in the pumpkins.  Fynn slept on me for 2.5 hours and missed the entire thing haha.  I finally woke him up right before we were going to leave, because I wanted to at least snag a couple pictures and document that he was on the trip haha!

Fynn also really loved trying to join in on all of the chasing fun with Uncle Jason, and he loved to have lots of conversations of "ya, ya, ya, ya" with Aunt Lexxie haha! 

Fynn is such a climber.  No matter how tight the highchair straps are, he still wriggles his way out of them and stands up in his highchair constantly now.  We cannot leave him unsupervised for even a second!! He also figured out how to climb on top of our toy kitchen!! This boy is going to give me a heart attack one of these days.  

Finally, last night Fynn got really interested in walking, and he spent the whole evening taking steps back and forth between me and Ron!  So fun!!

Jumping for joy with Uncle Jason & Aunt Lexxie!
Tickle tickle
Fynn's first steps!