Fynnlan Seeley- 50 Weeks

50 weeks old

Fynnlan is 50 weeks old (as of yesterday). Only two more weeks before his birthday, what?!?! 

This has been a fun week for sure.  He is taking so many steps now.  Every night before bed he seriously spends 30 minutes just walking back and forth between Ron and I.  Once he figures out how to stand up on his own, there will be no stopping him! 

We've also noticed how he is starting to understand so much of our words.  If we ask him to clap, he will.  He will hand things to you if you ask, and he will hide if you say "where's Fynn?"

He has started to "tell" us more when he wants to do things.  If he wants to read a certain book, he will pick it out and bring it to me (usually Color Our World or Are You a Cow?), or if wants to play with trains or balls, he'll bring them to us.  He has also learned how to roll balls well too.  

Fynn loves to climb, explore, destruct, and snuggle! He's such a fun little boy!  

More steps!
Walking to sister!
Teaching Fynn sign language
Starting to understand our words more!
Dancing Fynn
Where's Fynn?!