Fynnlan Seeley- 52 Weeks

52 weeks old

Well, today is my last weekly blog post for the Fynnster! I can hardly believe it!! Here is my letter to our *almost* one year old son!  


How can I even express how much I love you?  I've said it so many times, but I never knew I could love a little boy so much, but I do. And sometimes I think my heart may explode from all the love I have for you!! You have taught me just how sweet little boys can be.  And thank you for being the cuddliest baby I know!  You help Mama not be so sad because even though you're almost one, you still love to crawl in my lap and just let me hold you and smother you with kisses! I love all the kisses and cuddles you shower me and Papi with!  I love putting you down for your naps and bedtime; the second we walk in your room, you immediately rest your head on my shoulder, suck your thumb, and stroke my neck.  I love that time together so much!  

While you may like to cuddle like a tiny baby still, you are turning into such a big boy in so many other ways.  You started walking a couple of weeks ago, and you love to explore everything.  You love to do things by yourself, like press buttons on toys and books (and you get upset if Sister tries to help!).  And just this week you started trying to communicate more.  You point at what you want and let out a very calm "uhh, uhh, uhh" sound until we figure out what it is that you want, and you're actually quite patient! 

Papi and I love to talk about how quickly this year with you has flown by.  Though the newborn days are such a blur now, we cherish them so much.  We loved the (long) nights where you slept nestled in the crook of my arm and face buried in my neck or perched on top of Papi's pillow.  We talk about the times you used to fall asleep in the office, so you would be near us, and then we would carry your bassinet to our room each night, and you wouldn't even stir as we did so.  

You love Aly so much, and you guys are quite the pair.  You love to do whatever she's doing, and you get upset if she doesn't like to share.  We had to start putting her to sleep in our room because you liked to play with her too much at bedtime instead of sleeping! You also get upset when she tries to hug you too much haha!  

I remember your first smile, first laugh, crawling, trying new foods, trips to the ER (two separate trips!!), walking, and exploring the city with you.  Each memory is so special to us.  

You have been to 4 states-- New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma, and we're about to do a lot of traveling next month! 

This year has absolutely flown by with you!  We can't even imagine what our family would be like without you Fynn.  We are so thankful to God for giving us such a precious gift as you.  We pray for you every night that we can raise you up to be a Godly Christian man, and I hope you know how much we both love you.  

Happy Early Birthday, Fynn! Mami loves you bastante!! 


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