Alynne Tiffany- 2 Years, 11 Months

Alynne is 2 years, 11 months old today, and she is already acting every bit of a three year old!  Aly is so excited for her birthday and to be three!  She tells anyone and everyone that she is 2, but will be three in November!  She also says that she wants cupcakes and a balloon for her wrist for her birthday haha, she's pretty easy to please! 
Here's some things from this month:

-Aly was officially accepted at the Dance Theater of Harlem! She has loved going to ballet class each week.  We finally got her uniform all together, it was quite difficult finding leotard and tights in her size!!  I'm so proud of her, and I can't wait to go to the observation class next week!

-One day, I was telling her that she was going to be Elsa for Halloween.  She responded by asking me if she could be Hans instead because she wanted a sword! 

-"Papi, holge me!" 

-We went on our annual "apple picking"  trip this month.  The crops were small, so we didn't even venture into the orchard, but Aly loved playing in the pumpkin patch, looking at all of the animals, and jumping in her first bounce house!  She was also attached to the hip with her friend Sam, from BSF that came along!  

-Uncle Jason and Lexxie visited us this month and joined us for our apple picking trip as well.  It was so great having them around, Aly adores them both.  She wears Uncle Jason out!!

-One evening, I told Aly that Papi was going to pick up dinner for us on his way from home, and she said, "Why? Did he drop it?"  

-One super random thing that Aly says ALL the time is, "A little bit small, a little bit big."  It has no context whatsoever; she just will randomly say it haha. Ron and I have consequently adopted this phrase!

-We toured Aly's very first school this month.  We absolutely loved it, and Aly did too.  She surprised a little by how little reservations she had being there!  When we stopped to talk to the Pre-K teacher, Aly just ran right over to the other kids and started doing a craft with them, and then proceeded to play with them haha.  I think she is more than ready to go to school, and we are so excited (and sad haha) for her to go to school next year! 

-One morning last week, Aly's blood sugar was at 45, sigh.  It had been a few months since we had an episode and a long time since it's been that low.  So we're praying we can be diligent in watching her diet and catching signs for low blood sugar, and that ultimately God would heal her! 

-This month has without a doubt been our toughest month parenting so far.  We can tell that Aly is trying to figure out how to express her emotions, and it is often times very difficult for her.  She has lots of tantrums, screams, picks on Fynn, and is quite defiant.  With that being said, something I have repeatedly told Aly is that God's mercies are new each morning, meaning we can always try again tomorrow.  I've apparently said that phrase so much this month, that now just about every morning, Aly wakes up and tells that to me haha!  (And trust me, I need to hear it too!)

Overall, we just can't believe how quickly Alynne has grown up before our eyes.  She is so independent, constantly asking to do things by herself, walking all over the city, and such a caring, loving little girl.  While it's been a tough month, we wouldn't trade it for the world.  God is teaching us all how to be more Christ-like, and we treasure each day that we get to parent this special little girl!! 

Jumping for joy with Uncle Jason & Aunt Lexxie!
Tickle tickle
Practicing her leaps in the street!
Walking to sister!
Teaching Fynn sign language
Syllable practice
Swinging with sister!
Family playground trips