Baby #2

We are super excited to announce that we are expecting Baby #2 somewhere around October 28!!  We just found out yesterday and clearly can't keep a secret, so here's what happened:

So our original plan was to start trying in a few months, but we are SO excited it happened now!  Well, for the past like 4 days I have taken a 1-2 hour nap during the day and still had no problem falling asleep at night.  It seemed odd for sure, so I started to suspect that I might actually be pregnant. I figured I should probably wait a few days to check, but then today I was just too anxious, so I went ahead and took the test, which was of course positive.  We have a huge pile of hand-me-down clothes sitting in Aly's closet, and one of the item's is a "big sister" shirt.  So I quickly dug it out and put it on Aly, and then I took Aly to Ron.  Ron immediately saw her shirt and just said "seriously?!" He was so thrilled to hear the news! We then proceeded to tell our family, who are also so overjoyed for us.  

We are definitely still in shock, and I have a lot more fears this time around like..."I'm tired chasing a toddler around now, how on earth will I manage this 8 months pregnant?".... "What will it be like working with two at home," ....and "oh gosh, I suddenly vividly remember what labor was like." ;) Despite these fears, I know that God will see us through each step of the way, and this is something that we have been looking forward to for awhile!  It's exciting to be on this journey again, and even more exciting that this time around Alynne gets to join us!