Alynne Tiffany- 15 Months

Alynne is 15 months old today! She is becoming more and more of a toddler every day!  Here are some things that happened this month:

-Alynne has loved all the snow.  Since we moved, one of her favorite things to do is sit and watch the snow fall outside the window. 

-I took Alynne sledding for the first time with some friends from church.  I wasn't sure if she would enjoy it or not, but she was fearless and loved every minute! 

-Back to the whole window thing, Alynne LOVES windows.  Every time we get her up from her crib, she immediately points to the window ("doh") and wants to look outside.  

-Aly is obsessed with her baby doll.  Last week she got some doll accessories and now loves to feed Baby and rock her in her crib.  It's pretty darn cute.  It is fun to see her develop interests.  She is definitely a girly girl, wanting to play with her baby, toting around her purse, and always covering herself in bracelets! 

-Aly learned how to use the spoon to feed herself! She needs some assistance getting the food on the spoon, but then she's good! Miss Independent!

-Alynne's communication has changed drastically this month.  We are amazed how much someone can communicate without saying words.  She learned how to point and can now point to things that she wants (super helpful), and she also has caught on to a lot of sign language--more, all done, and help.  So funny story, I had been trying to teach Alynne to pat her chest when she needed help.  One day, she was trying to get a heavier book down and looked at me and started patting her chest and I was so taken aback! I was so proud that she was communicating "help" to me instead of getting frustrated.  So, later that night when Ron got home from work, he had Aly in a bear hug smothering her with kisses and pestering her, and she looked over at me as she was trying to escape and starting patting her chest for help!! Ron and I were dying laughing! 

-This month Alynne had her first stomach bug.  It was the first time she threw up, like for real, and so sad! In true Alynne fashion, she then slept for the rest of the day and night, making this the third time she has slept 36 hours straight.  

-Alynne said her first word!!!!! We had been waiting for this moment for awhile.  So she can officially say "hi" and she says it often.  Whenever we are on the subway, she takes it upon herself to be the train's personal greeter.  She waves and enthusiastically says "hiyeeeee" to all who step on the train.  

-Alynne loves to stack blocks.  She can stack them pretty high herself, and also loves when I build a super tall tower to knock over.

-Her current favorite book is Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.  She asks me to read it about 10 times a day, until I finally have to hide the book for the rest of the day.   She also loves her singing books and a peek-a-boo lift a flap book.  I love how she always has a group of favorite books.

-I made Aly a teepee this month, and she loves it!  She stashes toys in there, and has officially claimed it as Baby's home.  

-Alynne has started doing such a sweet thing when we put her down at night.  We go look out the window and then when we put her back in her crib, she emphatically blows kisses at us with a loud "mmmmmuah!"  It is seriously heart melting. 

-Sleep has still been crazy.  We put her down for two naps, but never know which one she will actually take.  And going down at night has still taken crazy long, with the exception of these last two nights. 

-"Alynne, what does the cow say?" -Boooooooooo

-Alynne now gives "love pats" on command.  I ask for them often =]

-Ron taught Aly to do a "what's up" head nod

-She learned to walk backwards

-She can identify things.  If I ask her to point to things in a book, she can point to them.  She can follow most of my instructions.

-Alynne is currently 20.5 lbs (15 percentile) and is just starting to move from 6-9 month clothes to 9-12 month clothes.  I have no clue what size shoe she wears, because she hates them, but perhaps a 2? Tiny toes.  

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