Fynnlan Seeley- 6 Weeks

6 weeks old

Fynnlan is 6 weeks old today!  I remember with Aly, things started to get much easier around this time, especially in the sleep department.  This time around, it may actually have gotten worse haha.  I am such a huge fan of sleep, so these newborn days can be especially trying for me, but I am so thankful for a wonderful husband who takes middle of the night shifts, works all day, and doesn't complain if I chose to nap instead of make dinner that day!! And through all of this though, God is sustaining Ron and me, and He truly is where we find rest in this season.


No change here, still eats every 3 hours, occasionally doing a 4 hour (eating, not sleeping) stretch at night.


Oh goodness.  I keep waiting for the week I get to type that things magically got better, but that blog post is not today!  This week may have been our worst week yet (Or are we just becoming more and more tired that it just seems that way?). There have been many nights this week I have only gotten 2-3 hours sleep total.  Phew.  He just wakes up so often through the night, and most of the time he can't be consoled back to sleep in his crib, so we end up holding him most of the night. It is quite exhausting.  We love the snuggles, but we are so ready for him to just stay asleep in his crib!  What's crazy is that Fynn sleeps so great in his crib all day long!  It's from 1am-8am that gets rough.


Fynnlan is just the happiest little boy! He rarely cries and now that he's learned to smile, it's all he does!  Aly enjoys making him smile too =] Fynn is also tracking us really well now, and he is much more content if I am in his line of vision! Oh and he continues to exercise his crazy strong neck and head control!