Fynnlan Seeley- 5 Weeks

5 Weeks Old

Fynnlan is 5 weeks old today!  And guess who learned to smile this week!! It is absolutely adorable, and I can't get enough!! =]
As Fynn gets older, we are starting to venture out a little more, though we are still limited since we aren't taking public transportation yet. We had a low key Thanksgiving spent at our friends' house. We then had a relaxing weekend at home, and then Sunday we all went to church.  Monday Fynn had his one month check up.  He is doing really well.  He is 9lbs 8 oz (30th percentile) and 21.75in (60th %)! Looks like he may end up being bigger than his sister! We're just so glad he's growing and healthy! 
Yesterday he went to BSF for the first time.  This was my first real outing (beyond walking distance) by myself with both kids.  It went pretty well!  I'm still nervous to start managing the bus and subway, but we'll get there! At least it's almost wintertime and we don't usually get out as much then anyways haha. 
And finally, tonight we took the kids to visit Santa at Macy's! We always go every year on the night that they do the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center.  Since all of the tourists are at that, there was no line to see Santa! We had a great time with some friends, and of course, Fynn slept through it all haha. 
Here's what else has been going on with Fynn this week:


I was sick a bit last week and paranoid that he wasn't eating enough, so I started feeding him every time he woke up at night (every two hours).  I quickly abandoned that and went back to feeding him every 3 at night, but the doctor said Fynn is totally capable of going even longer stretches at night!! I haven't tried to push it, I would just be thrilled if he would stay asleep in between feedings!  Oh, but last night he did only wake up once to eat...of course he spent the majority of the night in our bed though.  Sigh.


It gets better right? Haha.  This is one of the reasons I blog weekly, so I can remember what it was like with Aly at this age and reassure myself that yes, it does get better. 
Mr. Fynnlan has been tiring us out all week long.  There have been several nights where I think he's spent all of an hour in his bassinet.  When he wakes up, I typically try to console him with his paci and keep him in his bassinet, but this can take like 30 minutes sometimes. Sooo most of the time Tired Parents win out, and Fynn just ends up snuggling with us until the next feeding.  At least he's cute and cuddly ;)


I can't believe we're already at the smiling stage!  Each new milestone is so fun.  Fynn is quite ticklish under his arms, and he also loves to smile at Aly now.  I mean, she's pretty silly. 


9lbs 8 oz (30th percentile)21.75in
21.75in (60th %)
Officially in 0-3 month clothes!


First Thanksgiving
First smile
First trip to see Santa

And here are some pics from the week!