Alynne Tiffany- Week 41

41 weeks old

Miss Alynne Tiffany is 41 weeks today! This week we travelled to Oklahoma!  This was my first time traveling with her by myself, so I was a bit nervous.  Fortunately, Aly did such an amazing job on this trip!  

Last Wednesday Ron drove us to the airport, we said our goodbyes and I headed off with Alynne strapped to my chest, diaper bag on my back, and a rolling suitcase in hand! By the time we went through security, went to the bathroom, and got water, we had about 20 minutes to spare.  I started to go find a seat when the lady at the terminal waved me over.  Apparently I was the last one to board! We hurried onto the flight.  It was pretty empty so we got 2 seats with extra legroom!  I barely had time to make Aly's bottle and text Ron goodbye before we were taking off!! Alynne played nicely for about an hour and then drifted off into sleep for the remaining two hours of the flight.  I knew she was fast asleep once I felt drool trickling down my chest!! She woke up on the descent, and stayed awake until we got to Gigi's house where she went right back down!  I couldn't have asked for a smoother trip!

With Oklahoma only being an hour different than New York, I decided to try to keep Aly on NY time as much as possible.  We normally wake up at 8:00am, so I set my alarm for 7:00.  When my alarm went off at 7, I woke Aly up (thought to myself, man she really wasn't ready to wake up yet, how odd.).  I text Ron "good morning", and thought it was odd when I got a response because he should have been at work already.  I continued to think it was odd that my mom wasn't up yet when she said she'd be up at 7 and didn't get up til "8".  It wasn't until my mom made a comment about hearing Aly wake up early that I realized that my phone must have not changed time zones, and I woke us up an hour early for no reason at all!!! I love sleep more than anything, and I was so mad at myself haha.  Of course, Aly is pretty good at rolling with things and adjusted back just fine.  However, lesson learned.  

Thursday we hung around with Gigi and Pops.  Aly got to swim in the pool they got for her.  She is a little water baby for sure!  She loved every second of it.  That evening we visited my old dance studio.  Aly absolutely loved tap class!  She would start grinning and bouncing up and down like crazy whenever the girls would start tapping!  I like to think we have a dancer in the making!

Friday we hung out at Grandpa's.  Nobody gets Alynne laughing like he does! She giggles nonstop with him =]  We took Aly outside in the backyard for a bit.  It was the funniest thing--she did not like the way grass felt!  If she was standing, she would only stand on one leg, so she would have as little as possible touching the grass.  If she was sitting down, she would not move one inch!  We've definitely got a city girl on our hands!!
Gigi and Pops watched Aly that evening while I went to Kyle's wedding.  They decided not to brave bathing (aka wrestling) the Gator, but they sure did love to cook for Aly!  I'm sure they are going to love experimenting with foods for her every time we come to visit!

Saturday we had lunch with some of my oldest friends, and then we made our way to the Gibson's.  It was so fun for my Mini Me to get to play with Aly!  Oh, also while we were over there, Aly lost an earring =/  Fortunately I had another pair in my diaper bag, and we were able to put in a new one quickly!  

Sunday we spent the day with Jamy and a few other friends.  Aly scaled the entire staircase in Jamy's house with no problem! I think that was her first experience climbing stairs.  She also got to go swimming in a big pool that afternoon!  We finished up our trip with dinner with Grandpa and one last playtime with Gigi and Pops! 

Monday, we got up super early and flew back home.  The trip back was just as easy, praise God!  We were glad to be back home, and just in time to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!  

Now we are back to our regular routine of things.  Her best friend is also back from travels, so we get to have lots of fun playdates again! 

Aly has become very communicative lately.  If she wants something or wants our attention, she will say (or yell) "ahh".  

She has recently gotten into sharing.  She loves to give Mami and Papi food she's eating, toys she's chewing on, or her paci.  She thinks it's hysterical to put said things in our mouths!

As of yesterday, we are trying to shift Aly to eating more solid foods than milk.  She currently eats four 8 ounce bottles a day, and the pediatrician said that by a year she should be down to 18 ounces! So we are working our way there!  We are working on eliminating her 4:00pm bottle (we've cut it in half so far), and offering 7 ounces at the other feedings, and offering her solid foods before milk feedings now.  So far so good!  She is adjusting perfectly fine, and seemed to eat a bit more food today than normal! 

Well that was a long post.  And 3 days in a row of blog posting (phew).  That is all for now =]