Alynne Tiffany- Week 42

42 weeks old

Miss Alynne (Gator) Tiffany is 42 weeks old today.  We are getting entirely too close to a year!! Every day I look at Aly and think she is just turning into such a big girl these days.  She is looking more and more like a toddler and less like a baby!  I can't take it! 

This week has been a bit more of a trying week for us.  Aly has started becoming very cranky from about 4pm until bedtime every day, and she has started hitting.  When she hits me, I hold her hands and tell her "no", but she just starts laughing and waits until I release her to do it again.  I hope she will begin to understand what Mami's "stern" face means soon lol.
As far as the crankiness, I don't know if it is correlated to the decrease in milk or not, but I have suspicions it is.  She is eating more solid foods now, but seems to miss the big 4pm bottle (we're now down to 3 oz).  But then somehow she seems the least hungry at dinner still.  Who knows what's going on, and now I'm just babbling.

In other news, Aly is cruising all along the furniture these days.  She is getting fast, and will just go from furniture piece to furniture piece.  She particularly likes traveling to places she's not supposed to be, like the bathroom and the kitchen.  She doesn't really practice standing solo any more though.  

Aly's second nap has been getting shorter and shorter all week.  It's down to about a 30-45 minute nap.  She's always been such a sleeper, so I just assumed she'd be one of those kids who kept her second nap awhile, but I fear she may be dropping it on the early side! (please be wrong!!)

We have been enjoying the lovely change in weather this week.  We've spent lots of time in the park and at the swings.  Today when I took her on the slide, she actually laughed.  I think it's the first time the slide has been of any interest to her!

I forgot to mention last week, but Alynne now has her second bottom tooth in. 

And here's some pics from our week! =]