Tot School- September 2014 (10 Months Old)

We had fun with Tot School this month!  We have gotten into more of a routine this month; every morning we have story time right after breakfast, and then we talk about our verse, color, letter, and flashcards!  Aly loves this time each morning, she stays curled up in my lap the entire time and is so attentive!  The rest of the activities we don't really do at a set time of the day, we just fit them in where we can!  We also joined Amanda and Hadley for some of their Tot School this month and got to do some fall/apple themed activities!  We also took a field trip this month to go apple picking.  Alynne had such a great time, and her favorite part was crawling around and exploring the pumpkins (prepping for next month's Tot School, I guess!)  
I have added notes under each category for how the activities went for us and pictures at the bottom! 

September 2014 Schedule

Verse:  “But Grow in the Grace and knowledge of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ” -2 Peter 3:18
Verso:  “Más bien, crezcan en la gracia y en el conocimiento de nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo.” -2 Pedro 3:18

Color: Green
Color: Verde

Letter: G
Letra: G

I plan on making some picture flash cards with these vocab words...we'll see if I have time for that ;)

Green/verde: leaves/hojas, alligators/caimanes, grass/césped, watermelon/sandía, broccoli/brócoli, frog/rana, turtle/tortuga, snake/serpiente, cucumber/pepino, avocado/aguacate

G: guitar, goat, green, goose, girl, game, grace, God, giraffe, grapes
G (español): guitarra, gente, gorra, gafas, gracia, gato, gris, grande, grupo, gemela

***Looks like I did indeed have time to make flashcards! Yay! I actually bought a small laminator (so nerdy, I know!), and I love it!  You can see pics of our flashcards at the bottom.

Very hungry caterpillar

***I found this book in English and Spanish, and Aly loved it!

Music Mondays
-Green Grass Grows All Around
-Old McDonald Had a Farm

***We pretty well sing songs everyday, but I would like to get some more musical instruments for her to explore in the future. 

Math Tuesdays
-Size sequencing (printout here)
-Shape exploration: talk about shapes on this printout
-Stacking different size blocks
-Compare quantities (more & less) using cups of water (in the bathtub or outside)

***I laminated (I'm obsessed, I know) the size sequencing caterpillar/butterfly printouts, so that they were actually sturdy enough for Alynne to play with and chew on.  She loved playing with those and talking about the different sizes.  
She also loves when I count and stack her blocks for her to knock down.
We also did the rest of the math activities, which she enjoyed.

Art Wednesdays
-Edible finger painting: create a tree with fingerprints
-Ice coloring (green)
-Sticky art with spinach, arugula, etc. (found here)
-Olive oil fingerpainting (found here)

***The edible finger paint was a HUGE success with Aly. She absolutely loved getting messy, and licking all of her fingers clean haha.  
She also enjoys the sticky art projects, though she wasn't too keen to eat the leafy greens while playing ;)  
The olive oil finger painting was such a disaster haha.  Granted, I don't think the activity itself was bad, just the timing.  Alynne was in full meltdown mode, so I thought I would attempt to cheer her up/distract her with a fun project.  However, she wasn't having it at all, and hated the olive oil being on her.
We never made it around to the ice coloring because every day I thought about it, it was too cool to be playing with ice!

Science/Sensory Thursdays
-Green sensory bin
-Fill bin with grass and put in objects for them to find
-“G” sensory bin
-”G” scavanger hunt

***I made Aly's green sensory bin at the first of the month, so that she would have all month to look at and play with the green toys.  She loved it! 
We spent one afternoon in the park just intentionally playing in the grass.  She is so funny, she still does not like grass! She would sit on the edge of our blanket and occasionally reach out and touch it, but boy, she did not want to actually get on it!  I think we have a city girl on our hands!

And here are some pics from September Tot School: