Alynne Tiffany- Week 40

40 weeks old

Miss Alynne is 40 weeks old today! She has almost been out of the womb as long as she was in it!
Today we are gearing up to travel to Oklahoma!  It is my first time traveling alone with her, but I am so excited to see everyone!

This week Alynne has started getting into a bit more mischief.  She knows exactly the areas of our apartment that she isn't allowed to be, and she will drop everything she's doing, give me one quick look, and then take off in the fastest crawl to these areas (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom corner).  Aly loves that I then come chasing after her; and when I catch her, she breaks into a fit of giggles that are just so darn cute, but I've got to be more stern with this I think haha.  Also, Alynne started gnawing on the side of her crib with her one tooth.  She has already done considerable damage.  Do they make teething guards for mini cribs?!

Aly has started to climb this week.  At lunch yesterday, she kept climbing up her stroller to reach my water bottle.  She is our little monkey for sure! 

And here are some pics from this week!