Alynne Tiffany- Week 39

39 weeks old

My dearest Alynne Tiffany,
Today you are 39 weeks old and also 9 months old!  Time is flying by! It's hard to believe that we are just a few short months away from being a year old.  Each new month, I swear that this is the most fun yet (except perhaps month 5! haha!)

Your personality continues to blossom.  You are as friendly as ever.  We can't go anywhere without you trying to make others smile and laugh.  You will reach out and touch people on the subway, you're not picky about who holds you, and sometimes you start talking really loud if you don't feel like the people you're around are giving you enough attention haha.  

You are extremely mobile for your age.  You crawl incredibly fast, walk along furniture, and just this week you started standing without holding onto anything.  This is a fun game we like to play- I will hold onto you and countdown to when I let go, you stay standing for a few seconds, and then plop down in a fit of giggles! I think the fall thrills you.  

Up until this week you haven't been a huge (solid food) eater.  You love most things we give you, but you are usually done after a few bites.  However, this week, you have become an eating machine! You still prefer to feed yourself, but you have gotten a lot better with spoon feeding (oatmeal, applesauce, etc).  Also, I think I finally figured out how to get you to stop blowing raspberries all over me when eating- I just sing to you while I feed you, and it's enough to distract =]

You are a very busy girl.  You love to explore your box of toys, bang on tables, and at least once a day you pull all of your books off of the bookshelf.  I also love how good you play by yourself.  This allows me to be able to get chores done around the house!  I often times will find you sitting in your pile of books, turning pages, feeling (and kissing) the soft parts all by yourself.  I love watching you explore and play.  

Of course, I also love playing with you.  Story time with you is my favorite.  I love how you curl up in my lap and are so attentive when I read.  You love to help me turn the pages and know how to lift all the flaps, and feel all the soft and furry things.  You also love when Mami and Papi chase you around on our hands and knees; you find it hysterical!  I also started tot school with you.  I have enjoyed this time together too.  It helps me be intentional with my time with you, and you love all the extra fun activities we get to do together!

At 9 months old you have a best friend Hadley, and you see her almost daily (sometimes twice a day!).  You girls love each other and light up when you see each other.  You also have several other friends that you love to hang out with like Gil, Cece, and J.D.  And of course, you absolutely love hanging out with the big kids!

You have started to babble nonstop these days.

You are always a very well-behaved girl.  I never have to worry about you when I leave you with sitters or in the church nursery.  Every time I pick you up from the nursery, I am always told that you were so chill and happy the entire time (and that's considering that church nursery is smack in the middle of your morning naptime!)

Today was the last day I nursed you. It is certainly bittersweet, but I am thankful God allowed me to go this long!

You continue to be an amazing sleeper.  You take two long naps a day, and sleep 11.5 hours at night.  The other night you woke up in the middle of the night (very rare), and I looked over and saw your paci on the ground.  I knew that when I got up to give it to you, you would get worked up seeing me.  So I quickly laid you back down and handed you your paci and hopped back in bed waiting for your screams to start.  Only you just laid there silently munching on your paci, settling back into sleep! Of course I was glad you soothed yourself back to sleep so easily (that's always been our aim), but I just couldn't believe that you didn't even want me when you saw me! You really are becoming such a big girl.

More than anything, your Papi and I take such joy in being your parents.  You truly are a blessing to us.  You have taught us so much already, and we love you so much.