Alynne Tiffany- Week 38

Week 38

The Alygator is 38 weeks old today!  I have completely lost track of how many weeks she is at this point, but I am super proud of myself for being so consistent with my blogging haha.
Here's what's been going on in our week:

Alynne will now clap whenever I sing "If you're happy and you know it" 

She absolutely loves to read and loves to turn the pages.  It is almost a daily occurrence now where Aly goes over to her bookshelf, pulls tons of books down, and then opens them herself, and feels all the touch-and-feel pages.  I love watching her go through the whole process =]

Alynne has gotten very good at standing.  She has now started to walk along furniture.  She is quite fearless! 

Aly has started to become more attached to her pacifier.  If I leave the bedroom door open, she will stop mid-play and go into the bedroom and retrieve her paci from her crib and then come back in the living room to play.  This is seriously so amazing to me because I know that she is having cognitive thoughts about something that is out of sight, and well it's just amazing to see how quickly babies learn and grow!

The other morning while Ron was getting ready for work, he heard Aly wake up about 15 minutes early.  He turned on the monitor to watch her, and he said that the entire time, Alynne was just standing up in her crib staring at me while I slept haha!  She is very patient!! (until she knows I'm awake that is).

Now that Aly is down to two naps, we are able to venture out a lot more during the afternoons, which has been fun.  Whenever we're on the bus or subway, Alynne loves to wave, clap, and blow raspberries at everyone around her.  She is such a ham!! One day this week, she actually grabbed hold of a nun sitting next to us on the train haha.  

I haven't posted Aly's latest nap schedule in awhile, so I thought I would:

8:00 wake up
10:00-12:00 nap
3:00-4:00 nap
8:00 bedtime

And, as always, here are some pics from our week!