Alynne Tiffany- Week 24

24 weeks old

Alynne is 24 weeks today.  We are finally getting back to some normalcy! She is feeling much better thank goodness.  We went to the doctor on Monday for an early 6 month checkup.  She is healthy as can be.  When she was getting the oral vaccine, she actually grabbed the syringe and fed it to herself haha.  Also, she didn’t even cry at the first shot, only a little with the second! The doctor also said we are good to begin solids, which we will probably do next week.  She also said that we should start to see some signs of teeth within the next few weeks because her gums are bulging! Oh boy, teething here we come!

Well fortunately Alynne started taking a bottle again! Which is a good thing since we had to introduce formula to her.  We give her one bottle of formula every evening now.  She has done really well with it, and it has given my body a chance to catch up. I dreaded giving her formula, but honestly it has been a bit of a relief not stressing about that feeding now!

Thankfully now that Aly is feeling better, she is back to napping.  She’s still not as consistent with naps as she used to be, but it’s certainly better. 

 Wake Time
We got to visit with lots of people this weekend! We were certainly busy. But one of my favorite moments was when we were at a friend’s house that have a toddler.  Their daughter was making Aly giggle like no one else! She was jumping on the bed, which Aly found hysterical.  I love that Aly loves other children so much, and nothing pleases me more than hearing those little baby giggles!
Also, I think Aly is officially sitting up now! (As you can see from this week's picture!) 

A whopping 13 pounds ladies and gentlemen!

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!