Alynne Tiffany- Week 25

25 weeks old

Alynne is 25 weeks today.  Some weeks I feel like I have nothing to say, and other weeks I have a ton to say.  So just a warning, this is one of those weeks where I have lots to say!
Let’s start with The Story of the Wretched Diaper Rash…So, last Thursday Alynne and I were supposed to take a trip to Oklahoma for the weekend.  When she woke up that morning, she had a very severe diaper rash and was super fussy (from the pain, I’m sure).  We took her to the doctor, and she said she was okay and gave us some ointments.  We debated all day long whether or not Aly and I should take the trip to OK since I would be travelling alone.  By that evening, we finally decided that yes, we would go.  I got online to check the flight, and lo and behold it was cancelled.  Typically when flights get cancelled, you first sit in the airport for hours of delays, until they finally cancel.  However, thankfully we were able to find out before we even left the apartment, and I was able to get a refund.  This was definitely a God thing because the rest of the weekend Aly was fussy all day long and up every 2 hours at night.  That wouldn’t have been fun for anyone, and I certainly couldn’t have done it without Ron!  So thankfully, we’ve been able to let Aly heal in our home.  Things got really bad by Sunday night. When we were all three in tears, Ron’s parents came to the rescue.  Thank goodness for family.  Who else would drive 1.5 hours at midnight to come relieve us of night duty so we could rest!! What a blessing.  Now, I know that we used to get up this often when she was a newborn, but it is a completely different mindset.  When it’s a newborn waking all night long, you expect it and roll with it.  When your 6 month old was sleeping through the night and is suddenly waking in pain every 2 hours, it adds a whole new emotionally exhausting element.  We felt so helpless being unable to comfort or relieve her! Who knew diaper rashes could be so bad?! Finally, Monday morning we took her back to the doctor.  She said it was beginning to heal and that Aly was also teething! So we had a double whammy, yikes! So Alynne is still not completely better, but she is slowly on the mend.  (In case you’re curious what worked for us (or note to future self), we have been using Neosporin, Desitin, lots of diaper free time, no wiping and just rinsing.) 

Next up, Mother’s Day…I’m not sure what I really expected on my first Mother’s Day, but I don’t think I expected it to happen as it did.  With the crazy diaper rash in full effect Sunday, we were pretty much cooped up all day.  Aly spent the entire day cuddled up on me, just looking so sad.  I was thankful for the sweet cuddles though!!
During Mother’s Day, I reflected a bit on a few things.  First, all the wonderful moms in my life that have set great examples for me.  Everyone from my own mother, the women who helped raise me, friends who have children, to friends who are expecting.  I have truly been blessed in every facet.  I am so thankful to have grown up with such amazing examples (Mom, Christy, Ellen, & Kristi!!).  Having a child means I appreciate what they did for me so much more now! Also, it has been a blast stepping into motherhood alongside my friends here.  I don’t know how many texts, emails, play dates, etc have helped shape the mother that I am- Thanks Candace, Amanda, Rebecka, and many more for walking through motherhood with me!! Since God has blessed me with such amazing women in my life, I pray that I can play even just a small part in other mothers’ lives.  Finally, above everything, my biggest influence as a mother is the ultimate parent, God.  I am thankful for the Father’s love, and that He daily reveals more of himself to me through motherhood.  I remember being pregnant about this time last year and having fears of whether or not I would be a good mom and fears about how mine and Ron’s relationship might change.  Even after Aly was born, I constantly told Ron that I worried that I wasn’t going to be a good mom.  Thankfully, God has calmed all of my fears.  Motherhood is wonderful.  I am by no means perfect, but I give it my all.  I give all the glory to God for anything I do right with her!

Tonight we fed her solids for the very first time!  We gave her avocado which she absolutely loved.  Once she got it to her mouth, she gnawed on it for a good 15 minutes.  We are doing Baby Led Weaning, and I am very excited about it (if you don’t know what it is and care to know more, let me know)!  It was such a joy for Ron and I to get to experience this with our daughter.  Time truly is flying by.

Poor baby girl has been so off on her sleep from the pain.  

Wake Time
Alynne has started doing this new thing where she likes to stick her tongue out all the time (as seen in this week's photo).

First time eating solids! It was quite the hit.
First time sitting in the stroller like a big girl! 

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!