Alynne Tiffany- Week 26

26 weeks old

Alynne turned 6 months yesterday, May 20th 2014.  It's amazing how time files and how much our little girl has grown up and how fast the last six months of our lives have just flown by.  The day she was born is still very much a vivid memory that I look back on with so much joy.  I remember  the very first time I held her and the very first time I looked into her eyes and told her "I'm you're father, and I love you so much." Those first few weeks of sleepless nights seem like an eternity ago, but the lack of sleep was always overcome by the sweetness of our baby girl.  So much about her has changed in the last six months.   Those first weeks home all she ever did was sleep during the day (when we didn't want her sleeping), Brooke had to struggle to keep her awake while she  fed her because she'd fall asleep mid-feeding.  Then the night came and she was as awake as can be! Eventually that leveled off as we took our first flight with our newest family member when she was only 5 weeks old. We learned a  thing or two that first time flying with Alynne—namely that we weren't able to pack as light as we were used to. I remember the first time she actually smiled a real smile at something we did and how each smile melted our hearts.  After we returned from Oklahoma I had the privilege of getting to spend a month off of work with Alynne, it was one of the best months of my life just getting to know how to be a dad and getting to know our daughter.   I'd like to spend the rest of this post just writing a letter to Alynne, whom we have affectionally dubbed the Gator. 

Dear Alynne,

I know you're only six months old, and perhaps someday you'll read this letter along with all the other posts that mami and papi have written to and about you.  I want you to know that I will do my best to be a good father and will love you with an unconditional love that no matter what you ever do, good or bad, my love for you will always overwhelm you.  I cherish the moments we get to spend together when it's just me and you and I promise I'll always make time to take you out for ice cream and a movie.  I promise you that your mother and I will always be there to support you.  Right now you have no worries, your biggest worry, if you even have one, is whether or not you're in the mood to nap.  I love when I hear your little laughs and shrieks of joy when you see your mother or when I pick you up, I hope that never ends.  I have to be honest, I'm not ready for your angsty  teen years when you might not think it's cool to hang out with me anymore, but I'll still love you so much honey.  I just  want to say thank you for being born and coming into our lives and changing it for the better.  I can't imagine not having your in our lives anymore.