Alynne Tiffany- Week 27

27 weeks old wearing her "little black dress" ;)

My Dearest Alynne Tiffany,

Sweet girl, you are 27 weeks today! I’m pretty sure with each new month, we decide that you are at the most fun, and at 6 months, it’s no different—we think this is the most fun age yet! So a little bit about you right now….
You are such an expressive child.  You make it clear whether or not you are happy or not (fortunately you are typically happy), or whether or not you like something (you were pretty clear that you quite disliked broccoli). 
You have the best laughs ever.  I like to play a game with you where I start across the room and come chasing after you—that elicits the biggest laughs from you! Mami and Papi live for those little laughs! 
You learned how to scream yesterday.  You scream when you are happy, excited, angry, or just to hear yourself scream.  Our neighbors might not appreciate it so much.  You also love to babble, but only seem to do it when we are at home or with people you are very familiar with (like Uncle Levi & Aunt Shannon).  When we are out and about, you are very quiet and like to observe what’s going on around you.
You have started to eat solid foods.  So far you have had avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini, green beans, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.  You have loved everything except broccoli.  Some foods are easier than others for you to eat, but it doesn’t stop you from exploring!
Your motor skills are amazing! I think your curiosity of the world helps fuel this.  You’ve been able to intentionally grab things and put them in your mouth for 2 months now.  You scoot all over the place trying to get to toys, remotes, phones, or whatever else it is that you want.  You can scoot backwards, sideways, and roll like crazy.
You have two best friends, Gil & Hadley.  We spend time with them weekly and you absolutely adore both of them.  You also love hanging out with the big kids, who always get you to laugh!
You are an amazing sleeper! You have been sleeping through the night (8:30-8) since you were 3.5 months old (Mami and Papi thank you for that). However, you are very particular about your sleep—you only like to sleep in your crib.  You sleep poorly in other cribs, pack-n-play, stroller, and the car seat. 
I attempted to try our first craft project with you that involved painted handprints.  This was a total fail.  I ended up with paint in my hair, and you would never fully open your hand up, so I got claw prints instead of handprints.  We’ll try again in a few months.
You love to read stories, it always calms you down if you were upset.  You can now touch the “touch and feel” parts of your books without my help.
You also love when I sing to you.  Any song that involves clapping or hand motions is a favorite of yours! Itsy Bitsy Spider, I Take My Little Hands, If You’re Happy & You Know It…
You love to give hugs and kisses.  You will come rest your head on our chest for a brief second and then smile really big at us, or you will slobber us with kisses! You are a very sweet little girl!

Mostly, you are just an absolute joy to be around.  We love being your parents.  Everyday we thank God for you.  You are a treasure, and I hope you always know how much we love you!



P.S.  A couple noteworthy things this week—We officially dropped the dreamfeed.  She has gone the last two nights without it and been perfectly fine! I think she has been ready for awhile, we were just too scared to knock a good thing! So that also means she’s down to 5 feedings a day, eating 5.5-6 oz now. 

Annnnnd lastly…

Here's some of this week's favorite pics!