Alynne Tiffany- Week 22

22 weeks old

Alynne is 22 weeks today.  This week has definitely been one of our hardest weeks parenting.  Ron and I both got a stomach bug on Thursday.  I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for our many friends who offered to help or did help us while we were on the mend! It was such a huge help to us.  And then to top off the stomach bug, I woke up with a cold (on my birthday no less!), so things have been crazy around here.  Praise God Alynne did not get sick through any of this though!!
But with all that being said, it’s been a rough week.  Feedings and sleeping have been all over the place….

When I got sick, my milk supply plummeted.  Since last Thursday, we have been supplementing with frozen breast milk during the evening when I don’t seem to have enough to give her.  I’m trying lots of things to get my supply back up, and praying this happens by next week, because our freezer supply will probably run out by then! Today I took her to weigh her before and after a feeding to see if she was eating enough, and she had eaten 4 ounces!  So I’m thinking my supply is returning, and perhaps we have another issue on our hands such as teething- oh my!  Being a parent is hard sometimes because there are just a number of things that could be going on, and it sometimes feels like a guessing game trying to figure it out!

Well, let me start with the positive.  Fortunately, through all of this, she has continued to sleep through the night just fine.  However her afternoon naps, and a couple times going to bed, have been absolutely crazy.  Things have just really thrown us for a loop around here.  Hoping things calm down soon!  Oh and we are also officially completely swaddle-free as of Monday! And I must say, she is just the cutest little sleeper—I love seeing little baby toes poking through the slats!

Wake Time
Alynne has officially started to roll from back to stomach! She was doing it some in the past, but she would always end up lying on an arm and get stuck, but she has mastered it now! I have even found her asleep on her tummy a few times this week!  

12 lbs 11 oz

Special Events
First Easter! She was adorable, and we’re looking forward to next year when she can understand it more!